February 04, 2015 14:41 Age: 3 yrs

Developing Problem-solvers: Five Resources for High School Math

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At Achievement First, we help our students build strong foundations in science, math, engineering and technology by enabling them to engage with several techniques for solving rigorous problems. Below are five high school math resources recently shared with Achievement First teachers:

- Are you looking for better ways to help your students approach difficult math problems? This great Achievement First problem solving guide gives students a step-by-step plan for addressing problems and explaining their processes.

- In this TED talk, Dan Meyer identifies the challenges in creating engaging high school math instruction and provides solutions that help students retain math knowledge and critical thinking skills.

- Help your ninth-grade students understand systems of equations and inequalities with this Achievement First Algebra unit plan.

- Measure your students' progress with this system of equations end of unit assessment.

- Would you like to expose your students to real-world math applications and help them use math to plan their financial futures? The New York Times created this set of resources to help high school students develop a greater understanding of savings, credit and debt.

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