February 27, 2013 18:43 Age: 5 yrs

At Achievement First, Parents are Partners and Community and Culture are Celebrated

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By: Nadia Wilson

Nadia Wilson is the assistant to AF Endeavor Elementary Principal Stephanie Blake

At Achievement First, we emphasize the importance not only of academic achievement, but also of our Team & Family approach to education and our students’ awareness of culture and the greater world around them. During regular special events and celebrations, parents partner with AF Endeavor Elementary teachers and leaders to engage in fun, academically driven activities in support of our students.

Our recent “Family Math Night” was a huge success. The night began with an assembly during which families gathered to hear about the tremendous strides students have made so far this school year. Parents were amazed to learn that their students—who are in kindergarten, first and second grades—are now able to understand complex math concepts because of the engaging lessons and activities developed by AF Endeavor Elementary teachers. During “Family Math Night,” each classroom was filled with fun and rigorous math activities for students and families, who completed practice math assignments and played fun math games. In addition, homeroom teachers and parents partnered together to discuss math strategies that can be used at home.

We also celebrated our commitment to helping our students develop a sense of culture and community by holding “Culture Day,” a special Morning Circle during which our students wore culturally specific attire. Students dressed in colorful outfits featuring textiles and prints from around the world. It was amazing to see them express their cultural pride by waving banners, displaying flags and wearing headdresses. I know that we are helping AF Endeavor Elementary students understand many cultures and grow to become citizens of the world, not just of Brooklyn.

At AF Endeavor Elementary, our commitment to academic excellence, partnering with families and celebrating our students’ cultures contributes to a joyful atmosphere that makes our school great.


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