March 16, 2016 19:22 Age: 2 yrs

Photography Expeditions: The Teacher Edition

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New Haven photographer Chris Randall visited Elm City College Middle's Greenfield campus and will be working with students on an exciting expedition. Read on for a selection from his photo essay (you can find the whole thing on I Love New Haven) and stay tuned for more photography, this time from students, coming soon!

I'm leading a week-long photography expedition with middle school students at Elm City College Prep. I didn't start taking pictures until about six years ago, so teaching photography to students that young is very exciting for me. The impact that photography can have on them is unlimited. I also love being able to re-calibrate my eyes to interpret the world as kids do. We have a lot of fun and learning scheduled including a bus trip to the Lighthouse, a photo-walk through Edgewood Park, and a guided tour at the Yale University Art Gallery. In preparation, last week I lead a mini-expedition for the teachers at the school. Here are some of the photos:

Sam Purdy, Associate Director of Expeditions, during an exercise to photograph using leading lines (like hallways).


Teachers during an exercise where I asked them to work in creative teams and take a photo which tells a story.

Checking out all of the new Canon S120 cameras!


How many people are in this photo?

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