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An Alumna Reflects: Why I’m a Proud AF Graduate and a Prouder College Student

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Kiera is a rising sophomore at Brooklyn College and a Class of 2014 AF Brooklyn High graduate. This summer, she returned to AF to intern with the network support operations team and offered her thoughts on how her time at AF has shaped her college experience. This is the first of two posts from Kiera.

AF prepared me for college by helping me develop both grit and determination which led me to be more confident in the way I approach academics. In my college classrooms, I raise my hand constantly when I am unsure of what the teacher is trying to explain. I still divide my notebook paper into two columns: big ideas and questions on the left, and supporting details that answer my questions on the right (something I was taught by my A.P. U.S. History teacher Mr. McNamara).

I had strong academic confidence as I went through my freshman year at Brooklyn College because of these practices. AF had a great way of instilling in us the importance of the little but meaningful tactics, and that reflected in my grades last semester in numerous classes.

Something I would do if I could go back to my time at AF is go to office hours with teachers a lot more often. I really appreciate one-on-one time with teachers because I learn better that way. I used to be the type of student who was afraid to ask questions because I thought they were dumb and that those around me would laugh and judge. Eventually, I got over that fear thanks to my former A.P. AB Calculus teacher Mr. Whitfield, who explained that the more I continue thinking my questions are dumb, the more confused I will end up in class.  I’ve found this holds true for me in college as well. College is fast paced, and the last thing I wanted to be was left behind, so now more than ever, I take advantage of the resources I have in my professors.

All my classes at AF required more learning outside of the classroom and great concentration inside of the classroom. I knew I had to own my education and I am doing that now at Brooklyn College by practicing what AF taught me.

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