We've moved!

on April 06, 2016
Thanks so much for following the AF Chalkboard blog for all of these years! We've re-launched our blog on a fresh, new platform. It may look and feel a little different, but we're still going to be posting the amazing teacher and student voices that...
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At Elm City Greenfield, Expeditions Spark New Passions

on March 30, 2016

Marc Michaelson is a regional superintendent for Achievement First in Connecticut. 

Fifth grader Jaliese confidently walked up to the fire marshal. She smiled and presented her firm’s floor plans for the Elm City College Prep Middle School expansion...
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Not Just Words on the Wall

on March 23, 2016
Injy Sullivan is the principal of AF East New York Elementary.  I had the pleasure of going ice skating with some of our awesome students and families recently. It was amazing to watch how our students interacted with fellow skaters and each other...
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Photography Expeditions: The Teacher Edition

on March 16, 2016
New Haven photographer Chris Randall visited Elm City College Middle's Greenfield campus and will be working with students on an exciting expedition. Read on for a selection from his photo essay (you can find the whole thing on I Love New Haven) and...
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A Reflection after the Storm

on March 09, 2016
Hallie Slamowitz is an academic dean and special services coordinator at AF Linden Elementary. I want you to look at the two pictures in this post.  Both were taken two days after January’s massive snowstorm.  One is from the street in front of a...
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Meet Our Team & Family: Tanya Kolb

on March 04, 2016
Tanya Kolb has been a teacher at AF Bushwick Elementary School for nine years, where she currently teaches first grade. We sat down with Tanya to learn more about her experiences. Tell us a bit about yourself: I grew up in Miami—both of my parents...
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Building a Community with Town Hall

on February 24, 2016
Kelley Fournier is an operations associate at AF Hartford Elementary Academy. Walking through AF Hartford Elementary Academy early on a Friday morning, there's an unexpected quiet in the hallways and classrooms. But when you walk by the gym, you...
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Meet our Team & Family: Anne Johnson

on February 17, 2016
Anne Johnson has been teaching at AF Amistad High School for nine years. She shares the wonder of biology with her students and has huge aspirations for all that they will accomplish in the years to come. We sat down with Anne to learn more about her...
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An Afternoon with the Science Explorers Club

on December 09, 2015
Kat McKim is the Director of After School Programming at AF East New York Elementary and shares this story about the joy of one of the clubs at her school. At Achievement First East New York Elementary, learning doesn’t stop at the end of the...
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Teacher Voices: Building Relationships in the Classroom

on December 02, 2015
Erin Thomas is a teacher at AF Crown Heights Middle School and recently shared her story on the Center for Transformative Teacher Training blog.  Building relationships with my students is the crux of the culture in my classroom. My students know...
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