Chi Tschang

From Cuisine to Curriculum: Building a Culture of Excellence

on July 17, 2012
I once had a brief career in the culinary arts. Before 2002, I was a notoriously bad cook. I was downright “dangerous” if you asked my college roommates. Growing up, the kitchen was my stepmother’s domain. In my post-college years, I grew accustomed...

"So when are you going to start a *real* profession like law or medicine?" "But teaching *is* a real profession." OR, How Achievement First Develops *Professional* Teachers

By:Chi Tschang on February 08, 2010
I. My Stepmom's Question After my fourth year of teaching, I returned home to California and my stepmom took me out to Yoshino Japanese restaurant for lunch. The pleasantries soon subsided and then the obligatory question came up: "So when are you...

The RollAboard Suitcase and Education Reform

By:Chi Tschang on December 11, 2009
Consider this simple multiple-choice question: of the five individuals listed below, who had the greatest positive influence over the most lives in the past 25 years?

a.) Bill Clinton
b.) Nelson Mandela
c.) Oprah Winfrey
d.) Robert Plath
e.) Sam...