Split-Second Decision Making in the Classroom: Tips from an AF Principal

on October 23, 2014
Injy Carpenter is the principal of AF East New York Elementary School. It’s been said that teachers make more decisions in a day than any other professional, seconded only by air traffic controllers. I don’t know if that’s true, but I know teaching...
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Celebrating Character Growth with AF Summit Middle Core Value Heroes

on October 15, 2014

At Achievement First, we recognize and celebrate student growth and character development as much as student achievement. At AF Summit Middle, which opened this year with fifth-graders, students are recognized for exemplifying the school’s core...

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Helping Prove ‘The Possible’: Achievement First Rallies for All NYC Kids

on October 09, 2014
On October 2, 21,000 parents, teachers, educators and supporters gathered in Foley Square to voice that great schools are possible for all New York City students. Wearing shirts that bore the message “Don’t Steal Possible,” supporters rallied to...
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Meet our “Team & Family”: Sam Cortiella

on October 01, 2014
Few people can recite the name of their father’s high school guidance counselor, but it is a name Sam will never forget. His dad, a first-generation Puerto Rican immigrant whose parents had not attended college, credits his admittance to Harvard...
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Developing Eloquent Authors: Five Resources for Middle School Writing

on September 24, 2014
At Achievement First, we know students need strong writing skills to succeed in college and life. Writing is infused in all aspects of our curriculum, and students become well-rounded writers by practicing various forms of writing including...
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The Power of Summer Programs: An AF Hartford High Student Reflects on His Cornell Experience (Part II)

on September 10, 2014
Every summer, Achievement First students take part in pre-college programs, one of three summer program pathways that allow AF high school students enriching, low-stakes learning experiences beyond the high school classroom. AF Hartford High junior...
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Meet our “Team & Family”: Florisca Carter

on September 03, 2014
For Florisca, being the director of school operations at AF Bridgeport Academy Elementary doesn’t mean managing from behind a desk—it means having a hand in every non-instructional decision and investing in the culture of the school with her whole...
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Meet our “Team & Family”: Peter Uwalaka

on August 26, 2014
Peter always knew he wanted to serve others; he majored in biology as an undergraduate because he planned to become a doctor. In his senior year, an elective course in African-American literature changed his life. For the first time, Peter felt a...
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Exploring our World: Five Resources for Middle School Science

on August 20, 2014
From the first day of school, every Achievement First classroom is filled with rigorous instruction. We support our teachers through engaging professional development sessions that begin nearly a month before students return to our schools, and our...
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Meet our Alumni: Julius, an Alumnus in Japan

on August 13, 2014
Achievement First alumni are attending prestigious schools such as Brown University, Yale University, Howard University and Williams College (and they’ve been accepted to more than 190 colleges overall). Our recent college graduates are pursuing...
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