Developing Life-Long Readers: Five Resources for Elementary Reading

on April 15, 2015
At Achievement First, we know how important it is to make sure students get off on the right foot and establish strong reading habits. Our teachers engage their students in various forms of text and teach them not only how to analyze a text and read...
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Why I Teach: A Teacher-In-Residence's Story

on April 08, 2015
Samantha Jones is a teacher-in-residence at AF Bushwick Middle. At the AF Bushwick Middle retreat, our principal Mike Rosskamm asked us to speak about the “big why”: Why do we teach at AF Bushwick Middle? I immediately thought of two of my brothers...
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Inspired in Memphis: AF Parents Participate in BAEO Symposium

on April 01, 2015
For the third consecutive year, several Achievement First parents attended the Black Alliance for Educational Options Symposium. The symposium, held this year in Memphis, is designed to inform, inspire and empower African-American parents, educators,...
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Rallying with Hundreds to Protect Hope in Rhode Island

on March 27, 2015
Elizabeth Winangun is Achievement First’s associate director of community engagement for Rhode Island. Earlier this month, I stood side by side with other members of our Achievement First Providence Mayoral Academy Team & Family, and students and...
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Raising the Bar: Encouraging Students to Complete Top Quality Work

on March 18, 2015
Doug McCurry is the co-CEO and superintendent of Achievement First. At Amistad Academy Elementary and Elm City College Prep Elementary, teachers have teamed up to focus on top quality work. They co-designed professional development and coaching...
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Meet our “Team & Family”: Tsehaia Brown

on March 05, 2015
When Tsehaia visits the schools under her direction, she relishes the opportunity to step back and think about how different systems or procedures can improve each school. In working with operations staff throughout New York, Tsehaia can learn from...
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Raising the Bar: Defining and Demanding Excellence from our Students

on February 18, 2015
Doug McCurry is the co-CEO and Superintendent of Achievement First. At Achievement First, we’ve recently focused on shortening data cycles through weekly quizzes and daily redo, while also aggressively monitoring student work. During this time, I’ve...
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Developing Problem-solvers: Five Resources for High School Math

on February 04, 2015
At Achievement First, we help our students build strong foundations in science, math, engineering and technology by enabling them to engage with several techniques for solving rigorous problems. Below are five high school math resources recently...
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Meet Our “Team & Family”: Crystal Ward

on January 14, 2015
When Crystal Ward taught sixth-grade science and social studies at a turnaround school in Washington, D.C., she noticed the students who thrived in her classroom were asked to leave almost all of their other classes because of misbehavior. To...
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A Bake Sale for Malala: Character Development Builds Leaders at AF Bridgeport Academy Middle

on January 06, 2015
Katie Parente is an academic dean at Achievement First Bridgeport Academy Middle.  We’ve told our kids countless times, “Your academics matter a lot, you’ve got to be an analytical thinker and you’ve got to know your stuff, BUT if you don’t have...
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