Meet our “Team & Family”: Stephanie Lyon

on July 23, 2014
Stephanie began working as a director of math achievement for the same reason she became a teacher: to develop instruction and relationships that help students achieve academic success. Her deep involvement in developing day-to-day math instruction...
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Building Leaders for District Schools: A Resident’s Story

on July 16, 2014
The Residency Program for School Leadership recently held its first graduation ceremony, honoring this year’s residents from New Haven Public Schools, Hartford Public Schools, Bridgeport Public Schools and Achievement First. The event also celebrated...
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Meet our “Team & Family”: Adrian Johnson

on July 09, 2014
For as long as he can remember, Adrian has been fascinated with computers. As a child growing up in Barbados and then in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, he always looked for opportunities to play with and fix computers. This passion led him to...
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Climbing the Mountain to College: Five Resources for College Readiness

on July 02, 2014
At Achievement First, our goal is to help all students reach the true summit of their academic climb: college graduation. In order to meet this ambitious goal, it is extremely important that our students know what to expect when they get to college...
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Strengthening a Team & Family: Developing Leaders at AF Endeavor Middle

on June 25, 2014
During a two-day Leadership Academy, AF Endeavor Middle parents, teachers and staff members engaged in discussions and activities to improve their school community. AF Endeavor Middle social worker Rebekah Adens and parent Tracylyn John-Howell...
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Many Minds, One Mission: A Community Working Together to Support Students

on June 18, 2014
Amistad Academy Elementary teachers recently visited several New Haven community organizations that provide services and resources for students and families. Kelsey Mulvihill, a teacher at Amistad Academy Elementary, reflects on the experience:
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“Everything Speaks”: Why the Smallest Details Matter When it Comes to Inspiring Students

on June 11, 2014
Tom Kaiser is the principal at AF Endeavor Middle School. In professional development sessions, we often talk about student investment and teachers serving as leaders and examples for students. During a recent session, I spoke about physical space....
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Peering into the Past: Five Resources for High School History

on June 04, 2014
At Achievement First, our teachers are consistently working to foster a love of learning. Keeping lessons engaging, interesting and rigorous plays a major role in cultivating this love of learning   Each week, our school teams at Achievement First...
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How to Keep Your Students Engaged Through the End of the School Year: Tips from an AF Principal

on May 28, 2014
Injy Carpenter is the principal at AF East New York Elementary School. During the last month of the school year, we as educators and school leaders will be competing with the warmer weather and the sweet smell of approaching vacation. That means...
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Developing Voracious Readers: Five Resources for Middle School Reading

on May 21, 2014
At Achievement First, our schools emphasize the joy of reading to help drive outstanding student achievement. Our students feel encouraged to “Read, Baby Read!” and teachers play a major role in cultivating this joy of reading.   Each week, our...
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