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Our students are proving every day that all students—regardless of race, class or life circumstances—can close the achievement gap, graduate from college and become leaders in our communities. Achievement First schools show that demographics do not determine destiny.

Why Work at Achievement First?

  • To focus relentlessly on student achievement and character development: At Achievement First, student achievement is our number one priority, and the needs of students always come before the interests of adults. We are a team of people doing “Whatever It Takes” for our students to close the achievement gap. We expect that our students will develop extremely strong academic and character skills. To this end, we frequently assess student progress and strategically use data to drive student achievement.
  • To be part of a team and family: We know that closing the achievement gap is a team sport. At Achievement First, you can expect to be part of a community of hard working, smart and driven individuals who are all working together as a team to fulfill our mission. Our team members constantly support and hold the highest respect for each other. We want our students to love learning and to be excited to come to school every day. We want our teachers, leaders, operations and network team to feel the same way about coming to work.
  • To constantly grow and learn: We believe investing in our people is the key to our organization’s success. Achievement First team members are constantly supported, challenged and inspired to take their skills to the next level. Every member of the Achievement First family (including all teachers, school leaders, operations and network team members) meets regularly with their manager or a coach to discuss areas of strength, areas for learning and to identify opportunities to stretch their skills. Our belief is that we can always do better, and we support our team members to do so.
  • To have a strong foundation of network support and resources: The Achievement First network team provides full operations, office and information technology support so that school-based team members can focus almost exclusively on student achievement. Our curriculum team creates standards-based curricular materials, providing our teachers with a wealth of high-quality instructional tools. Additionally, the network team provides full recruitment, marketing, external relations and finance support.
  • To impact the broader education reform movement: Achievement First is at the forefront of the education reform movement that is working to close the achievement gap. Not only do we leverage the power of our growing network every day, we actively seek and collaborate with outside partners to maximize our impact. For instance, we have partnered with KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) and Uncommon Schools in a teacher preparation program at the Relay School of Education. We are also closely allied with Teach For America, whose corps members and alumni play an integral role at Achievement First. Over half our principals are TFA alumni, and over 300 corps members and alumni currently work in our schools. At this pivotal moment in our country’s history, we are part of a movement to deliver on the promise of equal educational opportunity for all children.
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