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Achievement First May 23, 2024

This month, Achievement First, alongside our colleagues from Excel Academy Charter Schools, will share inspiring letters from and stories about our students, families, and schools in Providence. We are seeking approval from the Providence City Council to lease a historic building, allowing our two schools to co-locate in the former Carl G. Lauro school building in Providence and provide many more students the opportunity to attend our schools. We hope that the powerful voices from our community members sharing their belief in our schools and the impact of Achievement First and Excel Academy will inspire confidence in our missions to provide access to an excellent, joyful public education for any Providence family.

Reyna Ramirez and her daughter

My name is Reyna Ramirez. I am a proud member of the Excel Academy Rhode Island community and a parent of children who attend the school. I am writing this letter to express my unwavering support for the plans regarding the Carl G. Lauro building for Excel Academy Rhode Island & Achievement First. This new facility represents a significant stride towards providing the best education and resources for our students. Our family has lived in Providence for more than 30 years, and I chose Excel Academy for my children’s education because of its unique educational approach and philosophy. “When the whole child excels, our community excels.” Excel Academy’s curriculum offerings align closely with my beliefs about education. The academy is known for its focus on academic achievement and innovation. They offer a rigorous academic program and high standards of performance. Excel also works hard on community engagement by building strong partnerships with families and creating opportunities for connections, such as the Parent Leadership Committee I am a member of. Moreover, I chose Excel Academy because its mission, values, and philosophy align with my beliefs and priorities as a parent. I prioritize access to excellence in education, diversity, social justice, innovation and flexibility, and strong parent involvement. The renovation of the Carl G. Lauro building is paramount for students who will benefit from updated facilities and technology and for revitalizing our neighborhood. A well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing school building will enhance property values and contribute to the overall attractiveness of our community. Furthermore, the proximity of the new building to our neighborhood will significantly reduce commute times for students and parents, easing traffic congestion and promoting a more sustainable transportation system. This convenience factor will also foster greater parental involvement in school activities and events, strengthening the bond between the school and the Community. Lastly, establishing Excel Academy and Achievement First’s co-location will positively impact our neighborhood and community. By providing quality education and fostering a culture of excellence, this school will attract families to our area, stimulating economic growth and creating a vibrant, thriving community. Please support the proposed building plans for Excel Academy and Achievement First and prioritize the development of this invaluable educational institution. Doing so can ensure a brighter future for our city and generations to come. Thank you Sincerely, Reyna Ramirez

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