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Achievement First Achievement First

Anyone. Any school. Anywhere.

If you’re doing right by kids, we want to work with you. We are committed to helping every student in our schools one day graduate from college and go on to be successful personally and professionally. But that is not our only goal. We also want to help students who will never set foot inside our doors. We do that by supporting educators beyond AF.

We are a completely “open source” organization: we make all of our curricula and other materials available for free online. We also partner with other charter networks across the country through the Charter Network Accelerator to help them grow with quality, and we support district and charter schools looking to implement our open source curriculum through Navigator.

We are working to create connections within education to ensure quality resources, data-driven practices, and promising ideas for educating students are available to all.

And we’re learning, too—you can find members of the AF team scouring the country for bright spots in reading, socio-emotional learning, digital learning and everything in between.


Our Resources

We believe in sharing and learning from others. We created an open source web portal to share the resources found in our schools because we want to help all students, even those who will never walk through our doors.

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