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Karina Sumano Feb 20, 2019

Kerchel, a scholar at AF Brownsville Middle, shares what she wishes more people knew about Black history and her plans for the future. Thanks for sitting down with us, Kerchel. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m in 8th grade. My favorite subjects are science and literature. What do you think people should know about Black history? Black history is American history. Black people worked to create this country and played a huge part in building everything we see today. Going back to slavery, Black people helped build the country and the economy. We even fought in WWII. But today, everything we did still isn’t appreciated. What do you like the most about learning Black history? I enjoy learning about times when people had the odds against them, but they still fought for equality. Even during such difficult times, they fought for what is right. People even faced death! Sometimes just being Black can be a risk. But people go above that and fight for what they believe in. Is there something about Black history that many people don’t know? When people think about Black History Month, they just think about the basics, like Rosa Parks and MLK. But we need to think about the people in the shadows. Before 7th grade, I didn’t know that Rosa Parks wasn’t the first to stand up during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Claudette Colvin should be getting credit for standing up as well. How will you make history? When I’m older, I want to be a biochemist and scientist. Some people say that’s a man’s job, but nothing is just a man’s job. I’m going to become a very successful black woman scientist. Yes! Kerchel, we can’t wait. Thanks for sharing!

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