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About Achievement First East New York Middle School

158 Richmond Street
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Phone: 347-471-2570
Fax: 718-235-3728

Opened: September 2009
Grades: Five to eight
Number of Students in 2016-17: 243


Founded in 2009, Achievement First East New York Middle School is a community of educators and families who deeply believe that every single one of the children entrusted in our care has the ability to be successful in college and beyond. We want our students to have access to the array of options that a strong educational background can provide, and we are truly committed to empowering them to achieve bright futures. 

At our school, students are constantly learning how to become more critical thinkers, more engaged readers and more creative problem-solvers. Each day, we see them grow as readers, writers, mathematicians, historians and scientists, and we pride ourselves on challenging our students with rigorous curricula in all areas. At the same time, we know that being college and career-ready goes far beyond academic preparedness. We are equally committed to developing strong character in our students, and lessons on integrity, perseverance and compassion are just as common as those on crafting a thesis statement or solving a multi-variable problem. Outside of the classroom, students have opportunities to grow as individuals, and participate in everything from the school musical to sports teams to Quiz Bowl and more.

Our students are an inspiring and capable and they have an incredible amount of potential. There is no reason why they shouldn’t have every opportunity available to them down the road. As the AF East New York Middle School team and family, it is our mission and privilege to help get them there.

School Leader

Fatimah Barker is the principal of Achievement First East New York Middle School. Ms. Barker is the first person in her family to graduate from college and has seen first-hand the power of education to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities. A proud Brooklyn native, Ms. Barker began her career in education as a seventh-grade mathematics and science teacher in Philadelphia, Pa. She joined Achievement First Endeavor Middle School as a teacher, gradually adding the responsibilities of grade-level team leader and mathematics coach. Ms. Barker then became AF Endeavor Middle School’s academic dean and served as a principal-in-residence. She holds a dual B.A. in political science and in communications and rhetorical studies from Syracuse University.

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