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About Achievement First East New York Elementary School

557 Pennsylvania Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
Phone: 718-485-4924
Fax: 718-342-5194

Opened: September 2005
Grades: K to four
Number of Students in 2016-17: 458
Student Demographics in 2016-17:
47% Boys, 53% Girls
99% African American or Hispanic
89% Qualify for Free and Reduced-Price Lunch


At Achievement First East New York Elementary School, the cornerstone of the school culture is the value of team and family as embodied by the “wolf pack” (the school’s mascot is the wolf). Students earn their way into the pack by demonstrating citizenship, hard work and achievement. Teachers work hard to make sure parents are part of the pack, too. The school distributes a weekly parent newsletter and holds regular workshops on reinforcing aspects of the school program at home. Like other Achievement First schools, Achievement First East New York offers unique enrichment activities. Students can participate in kung-fu, basketball, yoga, track, step team, dance team, chorus, guitar club and African drumming. Last year, one classroom worked with an animation studio to develop the storyline, characters and dialogue for a short animated film.

School Leader

Injy Carpenter is the principal of Achievement First East New York Elementary School. She is a native New Yorker with proud Brooklyn roots. Ms. Carpenter joined Achievement First East New York Elementary School in 2007 as a third-grade teacher and Saturday Academy director. Since 2007, she has served in several leadership roles including third-grade chairwoman, leadership fellow, dean of school culture and academic dean. Prior to her work with Achievement First, Ms. Carpenter was a Teach For America corps member and taught middle school math in Harlem. She graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in history and Chinese language, and went on to earn her M.S.T. from Pace University. Ms. Carpenter is deeply committed to supporting all students as they climb the mountain to college, and to their families, teachers and leaders who are working tirelessly to help them reach the summit.

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2012-13 Audited Financials

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