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About Achievement First Brooklyn High School

1485 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Phone: 718-363-2260
Fax: 718-363-2262

Achievement First Brooklyn High School is a public charter high school in Brooklyn, NY, which shares best practices with Achievement First Amistad High School, the first high school in the Achievement First network of high-performing public charter schools located in New Haven, CT. One of the best lessons learned from Achievement First Amistad High School, which opened in 2006, is the need for urban high schools explicitly committed to closing the achievement gap. Achievement First Brooklyn High School will ensure that students receive the consistent academic rigor and character development they need to complete the path to college. For more information, please visit our high school page.

School Description

Opened: August 2009
Grades: Nine to 12
Community: Urban
School Type: Public charter
School Year: Three trimesters
Number of Students in 2016-17: 406


Achievement First Brooklyn High School is based on an innovative premise: closing the achievement gap by providing a prep-school quality education to inner-city students. Achievement First Brooklyn High School combines rigorous academics and high expectations with a host of supports, including SAT prep, intensive college counseling, tutoring, explicit character education and a school culture in which it is “cool” to be smart. Key facets of the Achievement First Brooklyn High School program include:

  • Rigorous course of studies for all students: At Achievement First Brooklyn High School, every student is on a college-preparatory track. All students complete a rigorous course of studies focused on core academics, and acceptance to a four-year college or university is a graduation requirement.
  • Personal attention for each student: As a small school, we can better meet the needs of each individual student. Small class sizes, small case loads for college counselors and small advisories enable us to make sure that no student “falls through the cracks.”
  • Focused learning environment: One of the biggest obstacles to learning at many urban high schools is a lack of discipline. At Achievement First Brooklyn High School, our staff works hard to create and maintain a sacred learning environment where all students are focused and engaged and where it is “cool” to be smart.
  • Commitment to robust student life programs: While providing a strong academic foundation will always be our first priority, we also realize that our students need opportunities to have varied experiences, including internships, community service and summer programs. In addition, it is important that our students have a fun and memorable high school experience made possible through the availability of extracurricular activities (such as art, dance, speech & debate and sports teams), awards ceremonies, senior privileges, dances and other popular high school rituals.

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Achievement First Brooklyn High School is a public charter school open to graduates of Achievement First middle schools. Students are admitted to Achievement First's middle schools by a blind lottery. There are no admission requirements, tests or interviews, and there are no admission or tuition fees for students of our elementary schools, middle schools or high school. We serve special education students, English Language Learners, talented and gifted students and everyone else who comes through the lottery to our schools.

School Leader

Cristina Lopez del Castillo is the principal of Achievement First Brooklyn High School.