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Achievement First's Philanthropic Need

Achievement First operates college-preparatory public charter schools at a per-student cost which is no more expensive than that of its host school districts in Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island.

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Connecticut Schools: In Connecticut, public charter schools receive approximately 75 percent of the per-pupil funding allocated to traditional public schools and are not provided with public facilities. To close this funding gap, we must raise approximately $4,000 per student each year to cover operating and facilities costs. We continue to advocate for equitable charter school funding in order to become self-sustaining on public dollars.

New York Schools:
While our New York schools are designed for sustainability on public dollars, this is not achieved until we enroll all grades. Our schools open with a single grade, a method which is extremely successful in developing and maintaining a positive school culture, and grow by one grade each year until complete. In the initial start-up years, before we offer all grades, our schools require some private philanthropy to support their expansion. Once fully enrolled, our schools are financially self-sustaining.

Achievement First Network Support:
Our Network Support office team provides many critical services for our schools, including curriculum and professional development, data management, technology support, fundraising, finances, teacher recruitment, and operations. Private philanthropy sustains our Network Support office as we support our schools during their critical start-up years and beyond.