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Welcome to the first post in our new recurring series, What We’re Reading. Here, we’ll share some of the articles, novels and other media that we’re engaging with as we think about education, social justice, college access and more.

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This Is How NYC Schools Teach Kids About 9/11 – Gothamist

As we continue to remember and process the 15th anniversary of the attacks, New York City educators (including our own Amy Berman from AF Crown Heights Middle) ask: How do we teach 9/11?

Raimondo sets deadline for dramatic improvement in third-grade reading – Providence Journal

By 2025, the governor of Rhode Island wants to double the amount of third graders reading at grade level.

Opinion: Judge correctly identified need for systemic public education overhaul – Connecticut Mirror

Jeffrey Villar of CCER reflects on the recent ruling in the CCJEF case in Connecticut.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: Where They Stand on Education – New York Times

The New York Times compares what we know about the candidates’ stance on education issues.

Color Blind or Color Brave? –  TED Talks

Mellody Hobson, a financial executive, pushes for transparency around issues of race and diversity in hiring practices in this TED Talk.

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