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We are so proud of ALL our scholars for their hard work and countless achievements. To show just how proud we are, we asked teachers to nominate a few exceptional students for the 2018-19 Scholars of the Year shoutouts. We know it was a busy summer, so we’ve rounded up all our scholar spotlights in one place in case you missed them. Help us celebrate our students by liking and sharing their post on Facebook and Instagram using the links below.

Alima holding

Reader of the Year: Alima, Elm City College Prep Middle. She’s an avid reader and loves to explore new worlds through series like Harry Potter and Shadowhunters. In addition to being a great student, Alima is a caring, empathetic role model and leader at her school. Can you believe she’s read over 6 million words last school year? Like and share her post on Facebook and Instagram.

Hard Worker of the Year: Abigail, AF Apollo Middle.⁣ Abigail gives 100% every day in class, seeks out feedback, AND she goes beyond to extend a helping hand to those around her. On top of it all, she is a committed dancer and practices after school and on weekends. Like and share her post on Facebook and Instagram.


Athlete of the Year: Michael, AF East New York Middle. ⁣Michael was a star player on three teams this year (all while keeping his GPA over 3.5!). He helped take the flag football team to the championship as a wide receiver and defensive back, but that’s not all! He was also a starter on the basketball team (which earned him the MVP award) AND anchored the soccer team’s defense. Like and share his post on Facebook and Instagram.


Friend of the Year:  Nate, AF Crown Heights Middle. Nate is a true friend and always stands up for others. What does that look like on a daily basis? One day in theater class, his friend was being teased and having a hard time. Nate asked his teacher if he could talk to his friend in the library. He not only uplifted his friend with inspiring words and empathy, but he also returned to class and volunteered to be the student who closed the lesson with a shout or message. Nate stood up and shared with the whole group that the way they were treating his friend was not OK. ⁣Like and share his post on Facebook and Instagram.

Young Writer of the Year: Alba, AF North Brooklyn Prep Elementary. Alba learned to use her voice to share ideas and tell stories. She wrote creative and original pieces throughout the year and was eager to show off her writing to her classmates and teachers. ⁣Like and share her post on Facebook and Instagram.


Young STEM Student of the Year: Prince-Sam, AF Iluminar Elementary. ⁣Prince-Sam is smart, hard-working, and loves to use his creativity to build new things. When he grows up, he wants to be a graphic and video game designer! How cool is that? ⁣Like and share his post on Facebook and Instagram.


Leader of the Year: Anaiya, AF Brooklyn High.⁣ Anaiya is a student athlete, an active member of the Dance Company, AND maintains a 3.5 GPA. She also received the Leadership Award for leading with love on the varsity girls basketball team. Like and share her post on Facebook and Instagram.

Congratulations, scholars!

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