Undergraduate Degree: Carleton College
Master’s Degree: Harvard Graduate School of Education

Peter always knew he wanted to serve others; he majored in biology as an undergraduate because he planned to become a doctor. In his senior year, an elective course in African-American literature changed his life. For the first time, Peter felt a deep understanding of the history, systems and structures that hold back African Americans. He knew he had to help improve our society, so he decided he would serve others as a teacher.

After college, Peter was a Teach For America corps member in his hometown of Houston, Texas. There, he taught eighth-grade science and helped his class double its state test proficiency within two years. He knew he wanted to broaden his impact beyond his classroom, so he became an administrator at another charter school before joining Achievement First as the founding dean of school culture at AF Hartford High.

Now the founding dean of school culture at AF University Prep High, Peter builds, creates and enforces systems and structures that ensure all students gain the academic and character skills they need to graduate from college. He manages systems, coaches teachers and works with students to ensure a safe learning environment where all students can thrive. At AF University Prep High, he’s helped build a culture with very high rates of attendance and homework completion, an environment where students are passionate about learning and growing the skills they will need to become leaders in our communities.

Favorite Aspect: “I enjoy having character conversations with students and seeing them develop. I love the relationship-building part of my job. Even though I don’t teach academic content, I teach character and that’s my favorite part of my job.”

Proudest moment: “One of our students achieved a 3.8 in his first semester and in the next semester it went down to a 3.7. He was very disappointed and as we discussed it I realized that we had succeeded in creating a culture where students really want to do well. When I see the level of investment in our students, I know we are having a transformational impact and that makes me proud.”

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