Regional Superintendent Ms. Keenoy smiling

In her role as elementary academy lead, Ms. Keenoy is responsible for the success of Achievement First’s sixteen elementary schools across three regions. Ms. Keenoy also serves as the regional superintendent for four New York elementary schools. Along with coaching four principals, she also coaches four elementary regional superintendents, the ELA and math achievement directors, and is the owner of the New York principal cohort. Before becoming academy lead, Ms. Keenoy worked as an educator and school leader at AF starting in 2011. She was the founding principal at AF Endeavor Elementary School, which has scored “exemplary” on the AF report card since the school’s opening. In 2016, she became the regional superintendent for AF Aspire, AF Endeavor, AF Bushwick, and AF North Brooklyn Prep. Ms. Keenoy has undergraduate degrees in psychology and general/special education from William and Mary. She has a master’s degree from Boston College in reading and literacy.

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