De-Lea Deane-Allen headshot

As Chief Equity Officer, De-Lea is responsible for developing, implementing, and continuously refining our organization’s plan for how we will lead for racial equity at the network level and across our schools. De-Lea provides alignment, support, and accountability as she leads Achievement First in promoting inclusion and anti-racist practices through our culture, structures, customs, and leadership. Before becoming Chief Equity Officer, De-Lea led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work at Achievement First for six years, as a director, senior director, and vice president. De-Lea previously worked for 13 years as a classroom teacher and dean at three different Achievement First schools, and supported and learned from organizational leaders across the country through the AF Accelerator program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University, and a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Columbia University, Teacher’s College.

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