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Achievement First Achievement First

We wanted to make sure the Greenfield model set up students to better own their futures. How will they get there?

They will learn robotics. Or karate. Or the French horn. They will engage in debate with law school students or build water pollution-control robots. Through expeditions and enrichment, they will develop as whole people, scholars and life-long learners. They will discover what they love to do and what is possible (anything)

They will own their development. That’s more than loving learning and working hard to achieve the ambitious goals they’ve set. It means directing their own learning. It means building habits, strengths, and passions that will serve them throughout their lives. More than that, it means knowing what they care about, and how to embrace their unique purpose.

“With Greenfield, students feel successful every day. That helps me create a culture where mistakes are embraced and we can have rich discussions about them.”
Rahsaan Yearwood, Elm City College Prep Elementary Math Teacher

They will know we love them. Teachers, parents, and community members: we’re all behind them, 100%. And they’ll know how to tap into that kind of support for the rest of their lives. We will challenge them. And they will know that we challenge them because we love them, believe in them, and we are deeply committed to helping them become a doctor, engineer, executive, singer, architect, teacher, chef, or anything else they dream of.

They will do really, really well in school. Meaning, they’ll be able compete academically with any student in the world. They’ll pass 6-10 AP tests by the time they graduate high school and go on to graduate from top-ranked universities.

Watch our Greenfield students in action!