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Achievement First Achievement First

Who are the Greenfield teachers and leaders?

They are not afraid of the new. They live for it. They are people who want to teach at a different kind of school with a different experience for students.

They are people of action. They leverage resources for results and speak their minds as constructive problem solvers. They’re deep thinkers, non-complacent leaders, and people who aren’t afraid of making mistakes.

They are team players who constantly pursue excellence and improvement for themselves and everyone around them.

They are also:

  • Ethnically diverse, racially diverse
  • Men, women, gender non-conforming, cis, queer, straight
  • First generation college graduates, sons and daughters of college professors
  • From the northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest and around the world
  • Tattooed and Straightlaced
  • Star Wars fans and Bey-hive members
  • Fantasy footballers … (ok you get it).

And they make no apologies for the level of work and dedication they require from themselves and their students.

They’re looking for more teammates. They’re looking for more game-changers.

They’re looking for you. 

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