Daily Lesson Resources: Our Commitment to Teachers


At Achievement First, we believe that kids deserve the best education possible. We also believe in doing whatever it takes to give our teachers the support they need to be successful and support student achievement. We know teaching is hard work that takes great content knowledge, strong relationships, and lots of time to create lessons, grade, review student work, give hugs, celebrate achievements, call parents, and on, and on. The job of a teacher is never done, and we realized, one of the best ways we could help our teachers was to share the content knowledge our curriculum experts have. From this vision, we created Daily Lesson Resources.

What are Daily Lesson Resources? These are resources built by our network for our teachers to use. We partner with teachers who test these resources in their classrooms, provide feedback on the materials, and help make them stronger for all teachers across the network. These Daily Lesson Resources enable teachers to spend more time intellectually preparing for their classes. Because they have an in-depth road map, teachers are able to dig deeper into the content, analyze what their kids know, determine how to best support their students and unscramble their misconceptions, and develop strong relationships with their students and their families.

We’ve published over 5000 resources so far this year, and they are helping our teachers increase the level of rigor across our classes and free up teachers’ time to focus on the other important facets of their work and life inside and outside of classroom. In fact, 91% of our teachers have told us that the resources are strong and have allowed them to raise the bar for their scholars. Check out what else our teachers have to say about the Daily Lesson Resources:

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