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Families, you can find our 2021-22 school back-to-school info here.

“Learning Together, Safe Together!”

We are excited and prepared for 100% of our students to safely return to school in-person and learn together. Throughout the pandemic, we have proceeded with an abundance of caution in all decisions related to in-person school opening. That has not changed. We are prepared to return to 100% in-person school because it is by far the best option for students, and nationwide and internal data (from our CT and RI schools) show us it can be done safely. Returning to in-person school will offer the best option for students in terms of their learning, their emotional well-being and their social development.

We know that our students truly thrive when they can connect and engage with friends and teachers, in-person. In our school buildings, they’ll safely work with classmates on projects, run and play at recess, and participate in specials like PE and music—all opportunities that positively impact their academic success and social and emotional development. We are thrilled that our students will be able to know that they are safe, loved, and learning during in-person school this coming school year!

We encourage you to check this page regularly for new information and updates to help your children prepare for the new school year. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your child’s school.

Back-to-School Information