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At a time of year that we cherish for celebration, reflection, and togetherness, we’re reminded of how much we have to be thankful for—our students, our families, and our teachers and leaders. This week on the AF Blog, we asked scholars to share words of gratitude. 


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Scarlett, sixth-grader at AF North Brooklyn Prep Middle
“I’m thankful for my family because they support me when I need them. Especially my grandpa. He’s my guardian angel in heaven.”



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Yamileth, fourth-grader at AF North Brooklyn Prep Elementary
“I’m thankful for having an education because many people in the world don’t have the money to afford an education. I’m also thankful for my home because there are many people who live on the streets, and I get to live in a home.”





George, fifth-grader at AF Iluminar Middle
“I am thankful for my mom because she takes care of me and pushes me to do the right thing and work hard.”





Elle, seventh-grader at AF Bushwick Middle
“I’m thankful for my mom because she’s the reason why I’m here today, and without her I wouldn’t be as successful as I am.”






Jeremiah, fourth-grader at Elm City College Prep Elementary
“I am grateful for my family—especially my mom, my aunt, my uncles, my cousins, my brother and my three sisters. I am grateful because they give me what I need, and they care about me.”





Jordan, fifth-grader at AF Voyager Middle
“I’m thankful for having great teachers showing me the right things to do. I’m really happy to be at Voyager this year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!”

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