achievement first student with teacher


There’s a problem with sharing in our schools. It’s not about our kids sharing their toys, art supplies, or ideas with others. It’s about our grown-ups not sharing materials – lesson plans, assessments, systems, trainings – that would help teachers and leaders outside their school, network, or classroom help kids. When it comes to open source, the potential benefits to hundreds of thousands of students outweigh the risks to organizations.

For this reason, we are deeply committed to the sector becoming as “open source” as possible so that we can, collectively, serve students even better in the years ahead. How can we make sure the resources that so many of us are spending time, energy and money to develop will have the greatest impact for students, not just in our own networks, but across the country? How can we all more intentionally build together toward the excellence all of our students deserve?

Join Achievement First co-CEOs Doug McCurry and Dacia Toll, Tom Torkelson (IDEA), Yetta Lewis (Gestalt Community Schools) and Alex Hernandez (Charter School Growth Fund) at the National Charter School Conference on June 27 for a discussion, Q&A and meet up on how and why all school networks—whether they are charter school management organizations, independent or traditional school districts—can and should make their core materials open source to help us all go farther, faster in building toward the goal of an excellent school for every child.

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