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Our program has three pillars: a hands-on residency, a closely aligned cohort learning seminar series, and intensive coaching and mentoring. We believe that residents must do principal-level work and have the experience of leading real school change to develop the competencies of change leadership. The seminar series serves as our laboratory for practicing the mindset and skill sets residents experience daily in their residency placements. Our seminar model deliberately aligns to the residency experience and leverages the power of the cohort through an inquiry- and practice-based instructional approach. Residents build deep relational trust with both a mentor principal and leadership coach who observe their practice and offer feedback on a daily and weekly basis, respectively. These three pillars interact to create a deep marriage of theory and practice that leads to an exceptional level of learning for the residency cohort.  

Program Components

Pre-Residency Summer Leadership Development: A total of two weeks of workshops focused on leadership and core instructional skills.

Experiential School Visits: Executive residents will visit Achievement First schools during the residency year (a total of 10-12 days experienced in 2 hour and half-day visits) for targeted observation and experiential learning of best practices in organizational and instructional leadership.

Individualized Coaching and Mentoring: Full year of intensive (weekly) coaching by a program leadership coach focused on learning and development areas and the planning and implementation of practices. Residents will be mentored by a district director or principal (for residents who are APs), including focused feedback on growth and development.

Academic Year Seminars: Evening seminars (roughly two per month) during the residency year will provide training and practice in key areas of school leadership, including instruction, staff leadership, and setting direction and vision. Each seminar will support and challenge residents to translate best practices to their school change context, and additional training will focus on how to address mindsets and values of staff to meet mission goals.

Ongoing Professional Development and Support: In the year following the Residency Program, alumni will continue to receive change management coaching, school readiness planning assistance, and have access to host district and Achievement First professional development opportunities.

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