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The Residency Program for School Leadership Executive Track FAQs

What is the goal of the Residency Program for School Leadership Executive Track?

Traditional public schools, charter schools and Achievement First will collaborate to recruit and develop outstanding leaders to drive dramatic improvements in student achievement in their schools.

Who is eligible to participate in the executive program?

Current principals and, in a limited number of cases, high potential assistant principals are eligible for the executive track.

Executive program structure: What does the executive track consist of and what are the program dates for the upcoming year?

The Residency Program is an intense, one-year training model designed to provide new insight and learning for school leaders. The executive model will include the following components: one intensive summer skill-building workshop series; ongoing school observations and experiences; evening leadership workshops taught by expert practitioners; and weekly individualized coaching sessions

The 2016-17 Residency Program cohort will begin its training in June 2016 and will end in June 2017.

Will executive residents complete a residency in an Achievement First school?

The Executive Track is designed for principals who would like to participate in the program and must remain in their current role rather than spending a full term in an Achievement First school as in the traditional model.  To gain exposure and build skill in Achievement First best practices, executive residents will spend targeted time in Achievement First Schools observing and practicing core skills with their coach.

How much time will executive residents have to spend outside of their school buildings?

Executive training will consist of various learning experiences, including summer training, evening seminars, and school-day observations. Executive residents will participate in approximately six days of summer training, two to three evening seminars per month, and spend a total of 10-12 days (mostly in self-scheduled visits of 2 hours to a half day) outside their buildings during the school day.  

What is the extent of the partnership between the traditional public school districts, charter organizations and Achievement First?

This initiative represents a first-of-its kind district/charter management organization partnership to develop strong leaders for schools, regardless of their management structure. Recruitment and selection of candidates is a joint process, and residents learn best practices from both sectors. It is a true partnership in every sense.

Will executive residents continue to receive full salary and benefits from their host district or organization?

Yes, Executive Residency Program participants remain employees of their current employer and will remain in their current positions while completing the residency year. Benefits will remain constant.

After the year-long training and residency, will Residency Program executive graduates continue to be supported and receive opportunities for ongoing professional development?

Yes. The Residency Program realizes the importance of ongoing support and development of its graduates to successfully implement what they have learned in the program. Support will continue for one year following the residency year in the form of facilitated visits to high-performing schools, coaching, access to district and Achievement First network professional development, and bi-monthly cohort dinners.  Program participants will have lifetime access to Achievement First professional development and resource materials.

Will all district residents retain their tenure and union coverage?

Yes, participants from traditional districts continue to be employees of the district from which they come. Consequently, they will retain all district benefits.

What is the cost for participation in the Residency Program Executive Track?

There is no direct cost to program participants. Achievement First and district and charter partners are working together to cover the cost of the program.

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