Goals for this PD:

  • Assess the state of current family engagement practices at your school 
  • Identify the ways you are going to improve family engagement through intentional planning and more effective phone calls home

1. Reflection on Current Practices

Time Allotment: 15 min

Directions: Read the parent outcomes listed in the document below. As you reflect on each practice, consider the extent to which the practice drives the appropriate outcome. This will help you in knowing were you will need to focus your energies before diving into resources.

Family Engagement Self-Assessment



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What you will need:


2. Resource Exploration

Time Allotment: ~30 min

Directions: Sift through the following resources and samples to help you in planning for stronger communication with families. Note resources that can help in filling some deficits you had identified in the self-assessment.

Year Long Planning Resources
The documents below are samples of how you can plot out what you will do and how, ensuring you are planning ahead and holding your team accountable to at minimum, a monthly family engagement event or action.

Effective Phone Calls Resources
There are typically 3 kinds of calls you make as an educator. Below is a description of each home call you make, a sample exemplar script, and a framework to help you think through how you can make them most effective.

Praise Call: Calling a parent to share good news.
   - Exemplar Script
   - Framework and Tips

Correction Call: Calling a parent to problem solve an issue.
   - Exemplar Script
   - Framework and Tips 

Check-In Call: Calling a student to check in on progress.
   - Exemplar Script
   - Framework and Tips