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Respect - Enthusiasm - Achievement - Citizenship - Hard Work November 2012

The New York City Department of Education has released its 2011-12 progress reports, and Achievement First Bushwick is the highest-scoring K-8 school in New York City. Four of the five evaluated Achievement First schools scored in the top 15 percent of all New York City schools.

“We are proud of our strong scores, especially since the single greatest factor that drives a school’s assessment is the student progress from one year to the next,” said Doug McCurry, co-CEO and superintendent. “While we celebrate our schools’ outstanding student improvement gains, we remain focused on the hard work ahead of us to ensure all of our students achieve academic excellence.”

Read more about Achievement First's progress reports here.


Achievement First's School Leader Immersion (SLI) is an exclusive opportunity for aspiring school leaders to develop the skills and mindset necessary to lead at a high-performing public charter school. SLI participants will join a cohort of rising school leaders from around the country in an intensive clinic that will feature professional development, observation and coaching led by nationally recognized leaders in education reform. The selected group of exceptional educators will engage deeply in every aspect of a school leader’s work and leave with an “insider’s perspective” on the various leadership skills that are developed in a high-performing environment. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss future opportunities and fast track their application.

Below are the dates for the 2012-13 SLI events and their application deadlines:

  • SLI #1 in Brooklyn - January 24 - January 26, 2012
    Apply by December 14, 2011
  • SLI #2 in Brooklyn - February 28 - March 2, 2013
    Apply by January 18, 2013

To learn more or apply, email CJ Crowder, Achievement First's Director, Diversity and Leadership Initiatives.


Great teaching and leading takes thoughtful reflection and effective partnerships. Here are some resources to help support you and your team in your growth and development.

Support teachers with their academic instruction using this weekly meeting template.

Help your teachers cultivate a healthy classroom culture with this weekly meeting template.

Create action plans with your teachers to address challenges in the classroom using this minute-by-minute reset plan.

Plan how to create and maintain the culture in your school using this example grade-level culture plan.

Create effective incentive systems for your students using this simple framework.

To download more Achievement First resources in all subjects and grade levels, visit our newly updated resources page.


We host special events throughout the year to help you get to know us better and see our schools, systems and scholars in action. Check out what's coming up over the next few months!

November 9 - Elementary Open House
November 14 - Virtual Professional Development: Elementary Joy Factor
November 15 - School Tour: New York (Focus: Special Education)
December 7 - School Tour: New York
December 18 - School Tour: New York (Focus: Early Elementary)
January 18 - School Tour: New York

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At Achievement First, we work to create a culture of continuous improvement for every member of our team. Our Teacher Career Pathway ensures that teachers are supported in their growth and that there are clear next steps for their development.

Read how we support teacher growth and measure success in this article.

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Academic Dean
Start Date:
July 2013
Location: Connecticut and New York

Academic deans at Achievement First are responsible for ensuring that every student achieves our school-wide goals for academic mastery. The dean plans the instructional schedule and curriculum, coaches a portfolio of teachers to support their instruction, and facilitates high-quality professional development sessions.

Learn more about leadership opportunities at Achievement First and apply here.

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Director of Leadership Development
Start Date:
Brooklyn, NY

The director of leadership development leads our efforts to develop, engage and retain outstanding school leaders across the network. The director manages cohort learning for groups of academic deans and deans of students to build a robust school leadership pipeline and increase the effectiveness of our school leaders. Learn more about this opportunity and apply here.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our Network Support team. View current Achievement First Network Support opportunities here.

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The mission of Achievement First is to deliver on the promise of equal educational opportunity for all of America's children. We believe that all children, regardless of race or economic status, can succeed if they have access to a great education.

Achievement First schools will provide all of our students with the academic and character skills they need to graduate from top colleges, to succeed in a competitive world and to serve as the next generation of leaders in our communities.

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At Achievement First, we believe that closing the achievement gap is an economic and moral imperative. It is the civil rights issue of our time. We believe that all children, regardless of race or economic status, can succeed if they have access to a great education. Our mission is to provide all of our scholars with the academic and character skills they need to graduate from top colleges, to succeed in a competitive world and to serve as the next generation of leaders for our communities. In carrying out our mission, Achievement First must ensure that our staff is composed of individuals who, through their talent, commitment and understanding of both scholar needs and effective teaching, can ensure all of our scholars succeed in accomplishing these big dreams. Diversity and inclusiveness are critical to our mission.

Read why Achievement First has named diversity and inclusiveness one of our top five priorities for the 2012-13 school year here.

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