Teacher Professional Development

"I'm impressed every single day by our dream team of teachers. We are supportive and kind to each other around the clock, always checking in and ensuring we are on the same page. We talk about our classes with passion and really support the instruction happening in each room."

- AF Brooklyn High School dean

Join Achievement First as we build high-performing, college-preparatory public charter high schools.

What we look for in a teacher:

  • 100 percent commitment to the belief that ALL students can go to and graduate from top colleges;
  • Determination to learn and improve, a reflective approach and a hunger for constant feedback from all directions;
  • Passion for your subject area (we're talking to YOU, math geeks and English nerds!);
  • Belief in the importance of explicit and embedded character education;
  • Strong classroom management skills;
  • Dedication to working as part of a team with common systems, accountability and expectations.

Why teach at an Achievement First high school?

Professional Development
We believe that great teachers are made, not born. Our network and leadership teams do whatever it takes to ensure that every teacher receives the training, support and encouragement required to achieve breakthrough results. This includes:

  • A coach for every teacher who supports the teacher's development through weekly observations and 1:1 coaching sessions;
  • Access to common assessments and shared lesson resources;
  • Our principals and deans trained as true instructional leaders;
  • Early scholar dismissal on Fridays to allow for weekly, high-quality professional development sessions with your team built into the school day;
  • School-wide retreats and visits to other high-performing schools;
  • Network-wide professional development and content area training days;
  • One week of new staff training and two weeks of on-site professional development and unit planning before the start of the school year;
  • External professional development with leaders from top organizations in secondary education including the College Board, the Great Books Foundation, Revolution Prep and others.

Culture and Resources
Achievement First teachers have access to the resources, tools and supplies they need to support breakthrough student achievement, including:

  • Unlimited copies, personalized laptops, business cards (you should be treated as a professional, after all) and instructional supplies (docu-projectors, poster makers, SMARTboards and way more);
  • Strong curricular materials and supplies;
  • The AF Athena data platform -- a critical tool for deep data analysis and effective unit and lesson planning.

At Achievement First, teaching is a team sport.

  • United behind a common vision of excellence, Achievement First teachers hold each other accountable in the pursuit of breakthrough student achievement;
  • There are no "hardest-working" or "strictest" teacher at Achievement First -- all staff members are aligned to a shared set of expectations;
  • Our professional community enjoys time together well beyond the school day at trivia nights, baby showers and holiday parties.