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A Student’s Story: Kindergarten is the First Step on the Path to College

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Sameika is a rising junior at AF Brooklyn High and worked as a summer intern at Achievement First.

To some people, kindergarten might seem like a place where students can go during the day, where they will be able to learn the difference between red and blue. That is a part of it, but that is far from all. Kindergarten is the start of a young person's whole educational experience. This is where kids learn the basics, starting from counting 123s and saying ABCs; they are able to use this foundation to expand their knowledge throughout their kindergarten year and as they get older and go into higher grades. Without having learned your numbers, you wouldn’t know how to count or add, let alone multiply. Without having learned the alphabet, you wouldn’t know how to read or write. Children use the skills they develop in kindergarten in the future when dealing with more challenging work. They are also able to build up their communication skills and learn how to work with their peers. All of this is especially true at Achievement First, where kindergarten students are learning so much and building foundations for their entire education.

As an Achievement First student for nine years, I am proud to tell people about what my school and all AF schools have to offer. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend and participate in the East New York Farmers Market on Pitkin Avenue to talk to parents about kindergarten options at Achievement First.

Even though a Farmers Market is usually used to sell local foods, you can never go wrong when trying to spread the word about school options and the importance of a strong start. A fellow intern, Brittany, and I, represented Achievement First and laid out packets (for parents) and worksheets (for children) across our table. Within a few minutes, a woman walked up to us with her child, and we told her about AF’s charter schools, the benefits of kindergarten and steps that she could take to help prepare her child. Following her, others started to come up to us and ask questions about AF and tell us about how they were interested in supporting their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandkids in preparing for kindergarten.

I hope that by sharing information about kindergarten readiness and AF, the people I talked to will consider enrolling at one of AF’s elementary schools. I know from experience, sending a child to Achievement First can positively impact her road to college.                       

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