June 17, 2015 18:12 Age: 3 yrs

Meet an AF Parent: AF Bushwick Elementary’s Juana Zapata

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When her daughter, Ayanna, was in pre-kindergarten at a public school, Juana couldn’t help but feel frustrated with her behavior. Ayanna naturally had a lot of energy, and it was a challenge for her to focus in the classroom. So Juana’s sister-in-law, who works at a school co-located with an Achievement First school, told her about the network, and Juana knew right away that it would be a great fit for Ayanna.

Since she started attending AF Bushwick Elementary, Juana has noticed a dramatic shift in Ayanna. She loves to see her doing homework on her own because she’s learned the importance of getting her work done. Ayanna has also excelled in group participation and leadership. She’s known for pushing her classmates—and herself—to do their best, and she always has insightful contributions to group projects.

As a parent, Juana especially values Achievement First’s “open school policy,” which encourages parents to drop in any time. She appreciates both the teachers’ and principal’s dedication to openness and family involvement. She’s seen firsthand how hard the AF “Team & Family” works, and their constant investment is evident in Ayanna’s continued development. Although it’s still in the distant future for Ayanna, Juana knows her daughter is being prepared for the demands of college and the work force beyond.


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