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The Power of Summer Programs: An AF Hartford High Student Reflects on His Cornell Experience (Part II)

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Every summer, Achievement First students take part in pre-college programs, one of three summer program pathways that allow AF high school students enriching, low-stakes learning experiences beyond the high school classroom. AF Hartford High junior Sebastien chronicled his business course at Cornell University on the Cornell University Summer College blog  (you can read part one here). Here is an excerpt from his final post of the summer:

My last few days at Cornell were very memorable. Saying goodbye to all of the amazing people I met was by far the hardest thing I had to do. In retrospect, I wish I would have spent more time with some of the friends that I made later on in the program. My word of advice (about summer programs) would be to open up to everyone and let them know your story. I would have never thought that an African-American kid from Connecticut would have so much in common with someone living in China. No one knows the beauty behind someone's story until you actually sit down and have a conversation with them.

In terms of academics, my last week was stellar. My business team and I had to give a stock-pick presentation on two companies and explain why one company will be the better buy based on research. My team consisted of my friend Rishi who is from Dallas and Jing who is from China. Rishi and Jing are absolutely brilliant people and at the closing ceremonies my TA Nadia recognized us for having the best stock-pick presentation in her class. This was the second best thing that happened to my team because the week before we also got the highest grade in our class for our first group project.

Read more about Sebastien’s experience on the Cornell University Summer College blog.

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