October 29, 2014 13:49 Age: 3 yrs

The Power of Professional Development: Five Resources for Coaching Teachers

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At Achievement First, we are deeply invested in teacher professional development. Every teacher has a coach—an experienced dean or school principal—who advises them throughout the school year. Through weekly observations and debriefs, teachers receive individualized feedback and develop skills to advance their teaching. This week, we offer five resources to help coach and develop great teachers:


This Achievement First guide to teacher coaching provides samples and exemplars and explains the ways that great coaching is similar to great teaching.

This TNTP resource helps coaches support teacher learning by establishing clear objectives and helping teachers change and improve their practices.

How can you make your coaching relationship successful? This Achievement First guide to norms and expectations helps set both teachers and coaches up for success.

Are you looking for ways to put big ideas and goals into practice in your classroom? We've identified essentials for effective and engaging instruction. This Achievement First resource explains those essentials, along with ways to overcome common obstacles.

This Edutopia article provides top tips for developing positive coaching relationships based on trust, modeling and a willingness to connect teachers with excellent resources.

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