July 23, 2014 13:26 Age: 3 yrs

Meet our “Team & Family”: Stephanie Lyon

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Stephanie began working as a director of math achievement for the same reason she became a teacher: to develop instruction and relationships that help students achieve academic success. Her deep involvement in developing day-to-day math instruction across Achievement First’s network of schools allows her to make a significant impact on teaching and learning on a broader scale. She manages interim assessments, works alongside teachers to develop resources that support the scope and sequence of lessons, manages goal setting, and leads professional development for deans and teachers.


“It is great to visit a classroom and see students giving highly developed answers while explaining their math strategy,” she said. “To see students understand math on a deep level, to know that they won’t become adults who say, ‘I’m not a math person,’ is the reason behind everything we do.”


Read more about Stephanie and her work at Achievement First on our AF Network Support Profile page.

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