March 05, 2015 15:20 Age: 3 yrs

Meet our “Team & Family”: Tsehaia Brown

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When Tsehaia visits the schools under her direction, she relishes the opportunity to step back and think about how different systems or procedures can improve each school. In working with operations staff throughout New York, Tsehaia can learn from each director of school operations and share their best practices across all of the schools she serves. In a typical week, Tsehaia visits at least half of the schools in her portfolio, observing transitions, checking in with the director of school operations, Operations Associate and Office Coordinator, and troubleshooting both internal and external issues. She thrives on helping schools run more efficiently and loves seeing the huge impact seemingly small, non-instructional changes can have on students.


Born to Trinidadian parents in Brooklyn, Tsehaia was a first-generation college student who benefited from non-profit opportunities and scholarships. When she graduated, she knew she wanted to work in social services. She worked for Volunteers of America, serving those who deal with issues including incarceration and homelessness, before she decided to work on prevention instead of remedy. She joined Achievement First as an operations associate at AF Crown Heights Middle and then became a director of school operations and eventually regional director of operations.


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