August 06, 2014 13:37 Age: 3 yrs

AF High School Students Learn About Technology With Summer Internships

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Every summer, Achievement First students take part in summer internships that allow them to learn more about future careers. Two AF Amistad High students—rising sophomore Devin and rising junior Dewin—recently interned with the Achievement First Systems & Technology team. They reflected on their experiences this summer:


I was excited for my internship because I am interested in technology, and I wanted to learn more about computers since my generation is increasingly using them. I am also interested in a future career that involves fixing or creating computers. 

During my internship with Team Systems & Technology, I learned a lot—from taking out and repairing hard drives to what goes into creating computers. My experience taught me about the different parts that make up the work of an IT professional. Everyone on the team enjoys working with one another to get projects done, and I was glad to be included. This internship made me want to further my studies in technology. It has inspired me to pursue my dream to one day work in an IT department.


My internship experience has made me see what an impact IT really has on many professionals. I noticed that the Systems & Technology team helps make technology less stressful for everyone, which helps people complete their jobs. The team’s constant determination to get any task done, big or small, really captured my eye. My uncle once told me, "Any job may seem too big or small, but always remember you can do anything you put your mind to.” This was on display at all times with the Systems & Technology team. 

My co-workers treated me as if I were a member of their team and a professional in the field of IT. I’ve never had that feeling before at any other job site. That is why, to me, the Systems & Technology team is more than a group of people who fix computer issues, they are a group of people who are willing to help with any technological task, and they do it while bringing a big smile to the entire Achievement First network. 

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