June 18, 2014 13:40 Age: 4 yrs

Many Minds, One Mission: A Community Working Together to Support Students

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Amistad Academy Elementary teachers recently visited several New Haven community organizations that provide services and resources for students and families. Kelsey Mulvihill, a teacher at Amistad Academy Elementary, reflects on the experience:

1. What did you learn from the experience?

I visited LEAP and learned about all of the incredible academic and social opportunities that it creates for New Haven youth through after-school, recreational and leadership programs. I also visited Junta, an organization that offers various services—including weekly English classes for adults and after-school activities and summer camps for children—to Spanish-speaking families in New Haven. Without this experience, I would never have known there were so many diverse opportunities for New Haven students and families.


2. What was your favorite part about the visits?

I loved being exposed to so many great organizations that are offering wonderful opportunities and services to our students and families. It made me want to share all of this newfound information with my students so that they could take advantage of all of the incredible programs.


3. Why is it important to connect with community organizations?

Together, we can provide great opportunities and resources to our community. At Achievement First, we know we can’t succeed in our mission alone. We’re one part of a community that must work together for students’ benefit.

 After visiting the community organizations, Amistad Academy Elementary held a community and camp resource fair. Organizations set up booths where our families received information about each opportunity. It was great to see our outreach come full circle to help our students—that’s really what it’s all about. 

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