October 15, 2014 13:53 Age: 3 yrs

Celebrating Character Growth with AF Summit Middle Core Value Heroes

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At Achievement First, we recognize and celebrate student growth and character development as much as student achievement. At AF Summit Middle, which opened this year with fifth-graders, students are recognized for exemplifying the school’s core values. These students were recently celebrated in the weekly newsletter that goes out to the entire school community:


Core Value Hero: Learn

In just one short month, Jenelle  read 14 books.  She is leading the charge at AF Summit, where all students are challenged to read at least 50 books this year. At Jenelle’s current pace and with tremendous effort, she’s on track to read more than 125 books this school year.


Core Value Hero: Care

Seqoyia is AF Summit Middle’s ambassador. When the school welcomed a new student after the start of the school year, Seqoyia volunteered to show her around. When eight college students  visited for a college panel, Seqoyia welcomed them and presented them all with AF Summit lanyards.


Core Value Hero: Never Give Up

When Malik started at AF Summit Middle, he struggled to meet expectations and apologized in front of our school community for a value violation. Now, he is part of our “CLIMB’N” Club for students who excel at upholding our values. Just last week, Malik brought in some independent research he did on a 15-year-old who was accepted to Harvard. 

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