September 24, 2014 14:04 Age: 3 yrs

Developing Eloquent Authors: Five Resources for Middle School Writing

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At Achievement First, we know students need strong writing skills to succeed in college and life. Writing is infused in all aspects of our curriculum, and students become well-rounded writers by practicing various forms of writing including expository writing, narratives, poetry and persuasive writing.

Each week, our school teams at Achievement First spend one afternoon focused on professional development. We at AF care about constant growth and reflection, and we want to make sure all of our teachers have the resources they need to build their careers. This week, we offer five middle school resources recently shared with Achievement First teachers:


  • Are your students getting in the swing of baseball season? This New York Times resource provides several Common Core-aligned writing prompts related to America's favorite pastime.
  • This Achievement First resource outlines a point-by-point approach to teaching middle school writing, from pre-writing to publishing.
  • This Achievement First poetry unit plan offers a guide to instruction, complete with multiple poetry resources.
  • Are you looking for more Common Core-aligned writing resources? Take a look at the excellent English Language Arts materials on Share My Lesson.
  • Do you want to get your eighth graders ready for the type of writing they will need to do in high school? This Achievement First writing rubric outlines high school writing expectations.
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