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Peering into the Past: Five Resources for High School History

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At Achievement First, our teachers are consistently working to foster a love of learning. Keeping lessons engaging, interesting and rigorous plays a major role in cultivating this love of learning


Each week, our school teams at Achievement First spend one afternoon focused on professional development. We at AF care about constant growth and reflection, and we want to make sure all of our teachers have the resources they need to build their careers. This week, we offer five high school history resources recently shared with Achievement First teachers:


  • Are you looking for ways to emphasize the importance of reading and seminar-style discussion in history class? Plan your history instruction with this comprehensive Achievement First history toolkit.
  • This History Channel citizenship quiz and accompanying teacher's guide help teachers introduce immigration issues while testing student knowledge of United States history, civics and government.
  • This New York Times Learning Network resource provides a framework for teaching students why people or whole societies succeed where others fail.
  • Teach ninth graders about the U.S. Constitution with this helpful Achievement First unit plan.
  • This PBS resource incorporates census data into a lesson about slavery and larger demographic trends, helping students use and understand data in a historical context.



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