April 15, 2015 15:52 Age: 3 yrs

Developing Life-Long Readers: Five Resources for Elementary Reading

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At Achievement First, we know how important it is to make sure students get off on the right foot and establish strong reading habits. Our teachers engage their students in various forms of text and teach them not only how to analyze a text and read for comprehension, but also how to make reading fun.

Each week, our school teams at Achievement First spend one afternoon focused on professional development. We at AF care about constant growth and reflection, and we want to make sure all of our teachers have the resources they need to build their careers. This week, we offer five elementary school resources recently shared with Achievement First teachers:


  • In this New York Times Opinionator piece, Sara Mosle explains that students should be exposed to more narrative nonfiction texts, which provide great models for student writing.
  • Would you like to assess how well your third graders are digesting expository nonfiction? Check out this Achievement First resource full of passages and questions related to spiders and snakes.
  • This study, which was featured on PBS, identifies the challenges with using nonfiction books in elementary classrooms and provides insights into how a greater commitment to nonfiction can lead to a more balanced curriculum.
  • An increased focus on nonfiction texts doesn't mean teachers should eliminate great fiction from their classrooms. In this article and audio segment, Common Core State Standards Initiative developer David Coleman explains that fiction remains vital to ELA instruction.
  • This Achievement First unit plan serves as a guide for teaching second graders about the elements of a story.



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