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A Student’s Story: Summer@Brown

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Ryana is a rising senior at AF Amistad High. As a part of AF’s commitment to supporting students on the path to college, we provide each student with the opportunity to complete a summer program. For her summer program, Ryana attended Summer@Brown.

This summer, I was excited to attend a pre-college program at Brown University along with 1,600 other students from around the country and world. At first, I was nervous to be around so many new faces, but after my first day, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started taking advantage of the extracurricular activities that were offered every night. I remember going to dinner on the first night and talking to a girl from Paris all about Cookies and Cream ice cream.  I met so many great people, and I learned that I absolutely love Brown’s campus and Rhode Island. Outside of class, there were so many activities to get involved in, such as field day, open mic night and a trip to the beach in Newport, R.I.

The program was very interesting because I was able to choose the topics I studied and wrote about.  While at Brown, I took a class on the psychology of gender. I was expecting to compare and contrast the roles of men and women. However, we delved much deeper into some controversial topics such as whether men should have a say in abortion and the media’s portrayal of childbirth. The majority of our time was spent discussing articles that we read. It was very interesting to hear the perspectives from students from all the different countries around the world. My favorite part of this class was being able to survey the students on Brown’s campus and find out what they thought about the media’s portrayal of childbirth. I also really enjoyed learning from my professor, who was a psychiatrist at a Rhode Island hospital and had a lot of knowledge about psychology and human behavior.

Summer@Brown taught me how to manage my time and balance my school work while also having fun. I know I’ll need these skills when I enroll in college next fall.

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