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Meet our Team & Family: Anne Johnson

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Anne Johnson has been teaching at AF Amistad High School for nine years. She shares the wonder of biology with her students and has huge aspirations for all that they will accomplish in the years to come. We sat down with Anne to learn more about her experiences.

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Anne: The students. Every time I see my students excited about what we're learning, I know I'm doing the right thing. I love when they ask new questions and make connections between our curriculum and the outside world. Finding these connections infuses life into our classroom.

What have you learned in your time teaching?

Anne: My teaching has changed dramatically over the years, especially in terms of the teacher vs. the student directing the learning. I flipped my classroom a few years ago, and I love watching my students do the heavy lifting in terms of thinking. By grounding all lessons in critical relevant questions, we cover our material, and the students are constantly engaged.

Why do you like teaching biology?

Anne: Biology is an amazingly interesting subject. We are living things who interact with other living things on a daily basis, and biology allows us to study these interactions. I also love watching students perform experiments. When they're in a lab, they're really acting as scientists: asking and answering their own questions.

What keeps you coming back to your work?

Anne: Again, the students. I‘ve had lots of students who have exceeded extremely high expectations. My students have shown me how a resilient person can change his or her own life, and this has had a huge impact on me. I love having conversations with them, it doesn't even need to be academic. Our students are wonderful, and the best part of my day is interacting with them—it always brightens my mood.

What are you most looking forward to in the years ahead?

Anne: I can't wait to hear how my students are doing. I'm looking forward to them returning to AF Amistad High and telling me about all of their accomplishments. Maybe when I'm an old lady, I'll read in the papers about a previous student who cured a life-threatening disease. That would be awesome!


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