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Meet an AF Parent: Five Questions with BAEO Fellow Aphia Griffiths

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By: Aphia Griffiths

Aphia Griffiths is a parent at AF Bridgeport Academy Elementary.

1. How did you become a BAEO Bailey-Sullivan Advocacy Leadership Fellow, and what does the fellowship mean to you?

I was nominated for BSALF by the Achievement First “Team & Family.” This fellowship is very dear to my heart. Through this fellowship, I can finally get the knowledge and information I need to share within my community. This will help our future generations of kids growing up—not only the kids, but also the parents, who are kids’ first role models.

2. How and why did you become an advocate for education quality?

Growing up, I know that I missed out on some education-related opportunities because no one was there to mentor me or speak on my behalf. I was more of a “learn as you go” student and had to find my way on my own. That is not what I want for my son or anyone else's child. I believe that all kids are a blessing from God, and that we are here to take care of them and guide them in the right direction until they can do it for themselves.

3. How has your work in the Department of Corrections influenced your advocacy?

My work at the Department of Corrections has influenced my advocacy a lot. It gives me a deeper desire and drive to speak about the effects that societal inequality has on our kids. For everyone I know that has had to go to a correctional facility, the issues started in youth. You have kids that don’t have the proper guidance, parenting and role models in the home and they lack a sense of identity. Through my work, I not only have a sense of what has caused those issues, but I also understand how changes can be made to stop the cycle of dysfunction, so that our kids can have a better chance at success and stability.

4. How has Achievement First helped you make your voice heard? How has AF helped you and your son?

This school challenges me. It has opened up my eyes to see how important – now more than ever – a rigorous education is to the success of our kids. As for me and my son, it has built a strong mother and son bond. As I support him in my studies, I’m learning along with him. He inspires me. Because of how I’m watching him grow academically, I have been moved to go back to school and pursue my own education. I want to be the ultimate example of perseverance and hard work.

5. What are your goals as an advocate?

My goal as an advocate is to inform all parents and all who love kids about how important education is. Additionally, I want to help rebuild unity within our community and our society around these issues.

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