February 27, 2014 16:31 Age: 4 yrs

At AF Aspire Elementary, Parents are Partners

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By: Jaclyn Schorr

Jaclyn Schorr is a social worker at AF Aspire Elementary.

This year at Achievement First Aspire Elementary—a new school in the Achievement First network—we are invested in promoting family engagement in our school community. Teachers and leadership team members are constantly collaborating to develop ideas around increasing parent awareness and involvement. 

One of our first-grade teachers was recently inspired to meet with her students’ families as a group. She discussed reading levels and beneficial strategies each family could use at home to push their students to improve in reading. Her idea sparked “Family Literacy Night,” an event that brought this discussion to the whole school. So many parents attended, and we were thrilled to see the commitment, support and love of learning from the entire AF Aspire community. Reading room teachers guided families on their students’ current reading levels, and they discussed the skills students will need in order to grow. We provided families with books and materials to use at home so that their students can continue practicing these skills outside of the classroom.

After the success of “Family Literacy Night,” we planned “Family Math Night.” During this event, teachers focused their presentations on students’ math levels and on strategies to practice math at home. Our parents came away excited about our curriculum, which helps students think about math in a way that will benefit their learning processes far into the future. I was thrilled to see both “Family Literacy Night” and “Family Math Night” foster a sense of community and warmth among our “Team & Family.” As a school, we look forward to many more events with parents as partners.

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