December 09, 2015 18:09 Age: 2 yrs

An Afternoon with the Science Explorers Club

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Kat McKim is the Director of After School Programming at AF East New York Elementary and shares this story about the joy of one of the clubs at her school.

At Achievement First East New York Elementary, learning doesn’t stop at the end of the school day. Over 150 of our students participate in after school programs that enhance the academic and character lessons they learn in the classroom.

From band, to step team, to musical theater, students in after school programs build problem-solving skills, develop grit and self-discipline, and most importantly, they have tons of fun!

Ask any kindergartner or first grader in the Science Explorers Club about volcanoes. They would tell you that some volcanoes ooze molten rock and that this rock helps build the surface of the earth. But they’d be most excited to describe how they made their very own erupting volcanoes.

Students first watched videos about volcanic eruptions and engaged in discussion to build background knowledge, sharing what they already knew and what new things they learned. Then, they got to create their volcanoes using clay, cups, cardboard and tissue paper. Some students even opted to design their volcanoes in an underwater diorama after discovering that volcanoes can also erupt from the ocean floor.

Check out the photo above of the dramatic grand finale: the excitement erupting (pun definitely intended) on their faces says it all! Because this rigorous project was infused with creativity, hands-on learning and joy, I know students will remember what they learned about volcanoes for a long time to come.             

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