Meet Our “Team & Family”: Crystal Ward

on January 14, 2015
When Crystal Ward taught sixth-grade science and social studies at a turnaround school in Washington, D.C., she noticed the students who thrived in her classroom were asked to leave almost all of their other classes because of misbehavior. To...
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A Bake Sale for Malala: Character Development Builds Leaders at AF Bridgeport Academy Middle

on January 06, 2015
Katie Parente is an academic dean at Achievement First Bridgeport Academy Middle.  We’ve told our kids countless times, “Your academics matter a lot, you’ve got to be an analytical thinker and you’ve got to know your stuff, BUT if you don’t have...
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Why I Teach: An AF Amistad High Teacher’s Story

on December 23, 2014
Kate Stasik is a Literature II teacher at AF Amistad High. My journey to teaching was a roundabout one: I became a teacher because my mom told me not to. More precisely, I became a teacher because my mom is a teacher and so she told me not to pursue...
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“Team & Family”: Hundreds Gather For AF Providence Family Game Night

on December 16, 2014
Elizabeth Winangun is Achievement First’s associate director of community engagement for Rhode Island. Recently, Achievement First Providence Mayoral Academy Elementary hosted our first Family Game Night. When I initially met with our social worker...
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An AF Amistad High Student’s Letter: “Give More Students the Tools to Succeed”

on December 10, 2014
AF Amistad High senior Nakida explains why she rallied #ForEveryChild on the New Haven Green last week. A version of this letter appeared in the Connecticut Post. When too many people look at a person of color, they don't see possibility. Instead,...
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AF Linden Elementary Spreads the Love: Students Embrace Core Values

on December 04, 2014
Onaika Mootoo is a teacher at AF Linden Elementary, which opened in Brooklyn this year.  

Who are we

Scholars: AF LINDEN

Who are we

Scholars: AF LINDEN

What will we do (clap, clap)

Scholars: We’ll show Love, Integrity, Never give up, Dream,...

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Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: Spreading the Magic of Giving at AF Hartford Elementary Academy

on November 26, 2014
Kelley Fournier is an office coordinator at AF Hartford Elementary Academy. This November, AF Hartford Elementary Academy is spreading a little magic in our community by holding a two-week food drive to benefit the Community Renewal Team – Albany...
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Building Strong Relationships with Students: Tips from an AF Dean

on November 20, 2014
Noah Hellman is the dean of students at AF Apollo Elementary.  As teachers and school leaders, we know the importance of the hundreds of small interactions we have with students daily. Building strong relationships with students can go a long way in...
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“The Running of the Books”: How AF Summit Middle Improves Reading

on November 05, 2014
Karaugh Prugar is the operations associate at AF Summit Middle.   AF Summit Middle students come to our school from every neighborhood in Hartford. With them, they bring a wide range of experiences and expectations from the myriad of schools they...
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The Power of Professional Development: Five Resources for Coaching Teachers

on October 29, 2014
At Achievement First, we are deeply invested in teacher professional development. Every teacher has a coach—an experienced dean or school principal—who advises them throughout the school year. Through weekly observations and debriefs, teachers...
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