November 06, 2013 14:31 Age: 4 yrs

Achievement First Develops and Celebrates “Irreplaceable Teachers”

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Achievement First Chief Information Officer Harris Ferrell recently discussed the importance of AF’s Teacher Career Pathway on the TNTP blog. Here is an excerpt from his great post:

AF’s Teacher Career Pathway has five stages, from a “novice” teacher on up to “distinguished” and “master” teachers. Once teachers reach those levels, they get a step up in salary and a new title. We also invest more in their development: teachers get a professional development stipend to use however they wish, and we bring them together for special group trainings with other “distinguished” teachers in our network. When you start reaching this level of excellence, there may not be many other teachers at your school with similar expertise to learn from, so we bring people together across our regions.

Our experience has been that the financial reward is definitely something that people enjoy, and it feels great to get it. No one turns down the offer of more money. But what these teachers have told us anecdotally is that the money is not the driver of what is keeping them in the classroom. These folks are outcomes-driven, and it is the success of the students that they teach and our honoring them for their excellence that is the most significant reward.

To read the full post on the TNTP blog, click here.